Self-Guided Flamenco and Sherry Wine Bike Tour

3 Days

Experience a vibrant Self-Guided Bike Tour in the heart of Andalucia, where the finest flamenco awaits, cultural richness surrounds you, exquisite cuisine tempts your palate, and serene rides offer stunning views.

Discover the Enchantment of Andalucia!

Feel the heart of Andalucia on a vibrant and Exclusive Self-Guided Bike Tour, where the spirited rhythms of flamenco and the refined taste of sherry await to enchant you. This bike tour offers more than just scenic routes; it’s a deep dive into the cultural heart of southern Spain. Experience the passionate embrace of flamenco in Jerez, the cradle of this mesmerizing art form, and savor the world-famous sherry in its birthplace. Each pedal brings you closer to the soul of Andalucia, promising an adventure filled with rhythm, flavor, and the warm sun on your back. Join us to discover the timeless allure of flamenco and sherry, and let Andalucia capture your heart.

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Trip Highlights

  • Flamenco Passion: Experience the soul-stirring performances in Jerez, where the art form comes alive in its most authentic expression.
  • Sherry Tasting: Savor the world-renowned sherries of Jerez and Sanlúcar, from dry, crisp Manzanilla to the sweet, dark complexity of an aged Pedro Ximénez.
  • Architectural Wonders: From the Gothic and Baroque splendors of Jerez's churches and palaces to the picturesque charm of Arcos's whitewashed homes.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in Andalucia's rich culinary traditions, featuring tapas, seafood, and the unique flavors of local ingredients.
  • Natural Beauty: Cycle through landscapes dotted with vineyards, olive groves, and the coastal vistas of Sanlucar de Barrameda.

Day to day

Start your enchanting bike tour in the heart of Andalucia from the vibrant streets of Jerez de la Frontera to the stunning heights of Arcos de la Frontera. This day promises a blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the exquisite tastes of the region. Ride through scenic countryside, explore historical marvels, indulge in world-renowned sherry, and immerse yourself in art. Cap off your day with a free evening in Jerez, savoring the local culinary delights.

Distance: 46 km / 29 miles – Elevation: 527 m / 1.729 ft

Your Hotel: Hotel Bodega Tio Pepe

Today, your route takes you to the charming coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda for a Manzanilla wine tasting at one of the oldest bodegas before enjoying a culinary feast at one of Sanlúcar’s most popular restaurants, located in the heart of the village. End your day absorbed in the passionate performances of traditional flamenco! This day encapsulates the essence of Andalusian culture, from its stunning vistas and gourmet delights to the soul-stirring rhythms of its most celebrated musical tradition.

Distance: 43 km / 27 miles – Elevation: 266 m / 833 ft

Your Hotel: Hotel Bodega Tio Pepe

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

What's Included

  • Welcome and Bike Tour Briefing
  • Emergency support by expert guides with an extensive experience and local knowledge
  • Restaurants and places to visit recommendation list and daily phone support
  • Different route options based on your skill level and preference
  • Bike Rental (e-Bike available)
  • Stay in a carefully selected hotel
  • Daily breakfast
  • Flamenco performance and dinner
  • Sherry and Manzanilla Wine Tastings
  • Route Guide
  • GPX files for GPS device use
  • Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tour cycling jersey

What's Not Included

  • Airfare and transportation to and from the start-finish locations
  • Additional hotel expenses
  • Dinners or lunches not included by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Guides Gratuities

Customize your Bike Experience

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  • First Class Assistance
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Amazing Rides
  • Culinary Delights
  • 1 & 2 (e-Bike available)
  • 90 km / 56 miles
  • 45 km / 28 miles
  • 793 m / 2.602 ft
  • 397 m / 1.301 ft
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