Ribera del Duero Gravel Bike Tour – Self Guided

3 Days


04/09/2024 - 06/09/2024 Guaranteed 795 €
11/09/2024 - 13/09/2024 Guaranteed 795 €
18/09/2024 - 20/09/2024 Guaranteed 795 €
25/09/2024 - 27/09/2024 Guaranteed 795 €
02/10/2024 - 04/10/2024 Guaranteed 795 €
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24/09/2025 - 26/09/2025 Guaranteed 795 €
01/10/2025 - 03/10/2025 Guaranteed 795 €

Experience the Beauty of Ribera del Duero on our Exclusive Self-Guided Wine Bike Tour

Welcome to La Ribera del Duero

Embark on an exhilarating Gravel Bike Tour through the breathtaking Ribera del Duero region! Whether you're an experienced rider seeking thrilling trails or a leisure rider captivated by the beauty of the countryside, our Bike Tour promises an unforgettable experience of exploration, indulgence, and pure outdoor joy.

This is more than just a bike ride; it's a Self-Guided adventure that immerses you in the delights of one of the country's most famous wine regions. Whether it's the delectable wines and rich cuisine, or the region's extensive history, medieval villages, and enchanting rolling hills, you're in for an unforgettable journey. So we say Salud! to an unforgettable experience that awaits you in one of the best wine bike tours in the world!


  • Sleep in a 17th century convent
  • Enjoy bike rides on peaceful trails and stunning landscapes
  • Discover medieval villages, cobbled streets and castles
  • Enjoy wine tastings in two of the best wineries of la Ribera del Duero
  • Enjoy a fabulous dinner in one of the best gastro restaurants of La Ribera
  • Choose from different route options based on your skill level and preferences

Day to day

Upon your arrival in the beautiful region of La Ribera del Duero, known for producing some of Spain’s finest wines, you’ll be warmly greeted by your Cycling Mountains Guide.

After a seamless check-in and bike fitting, your ride will start through the breathtaking landscapes of La Milla de Oro in this beautiful region. Take in the picturesque vineyards, rolling hills, and the natural beauty of the area. This immersive experience will give you a true sense of the region’s wine culture. As you explore, you’ll have the opportunity to stop at one of the best winerys along the way. Enjoy a wine tasting experience amidst the vineyards, where you can savor some of the region’s best wines and learn about the wine-making process.

Spend your afternoon exploring the heart of Peñafiel village. Wander through its charming streets, visit the local shops, and immerse yourself in the town’s culture and history. Don’t miss the chance to admire the iconic Peñafiel Castle from the outside, which also houses the Provincial Wine Museum.

Your evening is free to explore the restaurants and dining options in Peñafiel village. This allows you to savor local cuisine, tapas, and wines at your own leisure, experiencing the culinary delights the village has to offer. Enjoy a relaxing and delicious evening in the heart of the village.

Distance: 40 km 25 miles – Elevation: 525 m / 1.722 ft

Your Hotel: Peñafiel Las Claras



Start your day with a hearty breakfast at your hotel in Peñafiel. Begin your ride towards the one of the most popular villages of La Milla de Oro. As you ride, you’ll pass through picturesque pine forests, enjoying the serene and natural beauty of the region.

Along the way, make a stop to visit a Cistercian monastery and explore the historic and tranquil surroundings of the monastery, before visiting one of the best wineries in the area for a wine tasting experience.

In the evening, head to one of the best restaurants in town that offers a gourmet dining experience. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at their gastro restaurant, where you can savor a variety of wine-paired dishes prepared by talented chefs.

Distance: 63 km / 39 miles – Elevation: 560 m / 1.837 ft

Your Hotel: Peñafiel Las Claras


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and go for a last bike ride, explore more of Peñafiel or simply enjoy a relaxing morning before departing. It’s a great way to conclude your wine and cultural adventure in La Ribera del Duero.

As you conclude your memorable tour in La Ribera del Duero, your guide will be there to bid you farewell with a warm ‘see you soon’ and a heartfelt wish for your future bike tours.


What's Included

  • Welcome to la Ribera del Duero and Bike Tour Briefing
  • Emergency support by expert guides with an extensive experience and local knowledge
  • Accommodation in double occupancy room
  • Daily breakfast and one gourmet dinner at a Michelin-recommended restaurant
  • Wine Tastings in two of the best wineries of la Ribera del Duero
  • Restaurants and places to visit Recommendation List and daily phone support
  • Bike Rental (e-Bike available)
  • Route Guide
  • Self-Guided Navigation App to install on your smartphone
  • GPX files for GPS device use
  • Different route options based on your skill level and preferences
  • Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours Cycling Jersey
  • Optional shuttle to/from Madrid or Valladolid Rail Station (AVE)

What's Not Included

  • Airfare and transportation to and from the start-finish locations
  • Additional hotel expenses
  • Dinners or lunches not included by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Guides Gratuities

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From 795 €
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  • First Class Assistance
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Amazing Rides
  • Culinary Delights
  • 1, 2 (e-Bike available)
  • 87 km / 54 miles
  • 771 m / 2.530 ft
  • 44 km / 27 miles
  • 386 m / 1.265 ft
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