Badlands Gravel Bike Tour

5 Days

Experience a challenging yet rewarding Gravel Bike Tour through the stunning landscapes of the Badlands from Granada to Cabo de Gata

Experience an authentic adventure riding through the popular Badlands from Granada to Almeria

Embark on an unforgettable gravel bike adventure through the rugged beauty of Andalucia’s Badlands region, from Granada to Cabo de Gata, via the mesmerizing Tabernas Desert. This exhilarating tour offers a perfect blend of cycling challenge and breathtaking landscapes, taking you off the beaten path and immersing you in the heart of Spain’s wild terrain.


  • Granada's Historic Charm: Begin your journey in Granada, a city renowned for its Moorish architecture, vibrant culture, and warm ambiance
  • abernas Desert: Pedal through the iconic Tabernas Desert, Europe's only desert, characterized by its unique rock formations, arid landscapes, and cinematic history. Experience the allure of this dramatic desert as you ride through its vast expanses
  • Stunning Landscapes: Traverse through the Badlands region, where striking canyons, towering rock formations, and panoramic vistas paint an awe-inspiring backdrop throughout your journey
  • Charming Villages: Discover charming Andalusian villages along the way, each offering a glimpse into traditional Spanish life. Experience the hospitality of locals and savor authentic cuisine
  • Cabo de Gata: Conclude your adventure at Cabo de Gata, a pristine coastal paradise with untouched beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life. Reward yourself with relaxation and a refreshing swim
  • Customizable Routes: Choose from different route options based on your skill level and preferences. Whether you're an experienced gravel cyclist or a beginner looking for a new challenge, there's a route for you
  • Fully Supported: We provide support vehicles that carry your luggage, offer refreshments, and assist with any technical issues, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience
  • Small Group Experience: Travel with a small group of fellow cyclists, fostering camaraderie and shared memories along the way

Day to day

Kick off your journey cycling out of Granada, with panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada as your inspirational backdrop. Conquer diverse terrains as you reach the fascinating town of Alcudia de Guadix. Explore its renowned cave houses, and then bed down for the night in a one-of-a-kind cave hotel.

Distance: 75 km 47 miles – Elevation: 1.964 m / 6.444 ft

Your Hotel: Cuevas del Tio Tobas

Lunch, Dinner

Set off on a thrilling loop ride through the desolate yet captivating Gorafe Desert. Master challenging gravel tracks, cut through badlands, and take a moment to wander the Megalithic Park. Ride back to Alcudia de Guadix for another night in your unique cave dwelling.

Distance: 117 km 73 miles – Elevation: 1.720 m / 5.643 ft

Your Hotel: Cuevas del Tio Tobas


Breakfast, Lunch

Saddle up for a cinematic ride to Tabernas, Europe’s only desert and famed backdrop for iconic Western films like “A Fistful of Dollars.” Live your own epic as you cycle through landscapes once roamed by Clint Eastwood. A cozy local inn serves as your stage set for the night.

Distance: 116 km / 72 miles – Elevation: 1.875 m / 7.152 ft

Your Hotel: Hostal El Puente


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today’s ride transitions from desert ruggedness to coastal serenity. Tackle varied terrains as you cycle into the unspoiled beauty of Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Revel in the Mediterranean views in San José and celebrate the ride’s end with a seaside feast of local seafood.

Distance: 98 km / 61 miles – Elevation: 1.551 m / 5.089 ft

Your Hotel: Hotel Don Ignacio

Breakfast, Lunch

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the seafront hotel. Reflect on an adventure well-lived as you say your goodbyes. Whether you’re heading home or continuing your journey, you’ll leave with stories to tell, friendships made, and a heart full of memories!


What's Included

  • Welcome and Bike Tour Briefing
  • Full support by expert guides with an extensive experience and local knowledge
  • Different route options based on your skill level and preference
  • Bike Rental
  • All luggage transfers
  • Route Guide pdf file
  • GPX files for GPS device use
  • Self Guide App to install in your phone
  • All accommodations in carefully chosen hotels
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily lunches
  • Dinners on Days 1 and 3
  • Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tour cycling jersey

What's Not Included

  • Airfare and transportation to and from the start-finish locations
  • Additional hotel expenses
  • Dinners or lunches not included by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Guides Gratuities

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