On all Self-Guided trips, you will have contact with your guide on remote. Once the final payment is done, your guide will send you all the instructions and explanations you need to fully enjoy your bike trip. In addition, you will receive a welcome pack and a reminder email with possible updates, 7 days before your departure. Also, you will be able to contact us in case of an emergency on our Assistance Telephone Number (+34 672 216 124).

Our Daily Self Guide Navigation & Information Tool

The main tool for our Self-Guided trips is the best tool if you are not using your own GPS device (we will provide you the files gpx/tcx tracks to upload). This App will provide daily navigation and will give you direct access to your daily agenda, highlights of the region, recommended restaurants, points of interest and suggestions about cultural activities in the area. 

Your guide will also be available by email or by phone to ask anything you need and get ready for the next day’s adventure.

Feeding your rides

Cycling Mountains will not provide you with any energy bars or snacks. We suggest that you bring along some nutrition bars and hydration tablets that you can mix with water for a hydrating beverage. Please be prepared to carry these in your jersey pockets while riding.

Mayor Issues

In case of any mayor issue, you can always reach your Cycling Mountains Assistance Guide, who will assist you on remote or will call the local emergency number which will give you direct assistance. 

Safety is the most important for us because our premise is to make your experience unique and unforgettable. On a bike trip you are involved with traffic and other elements that may affect your security, so we invite you to read our safety recommendations.

Although laundry service is available on many of the hotels on our trips, we recommend you to ask our team for confirmation on which amenities are available for your specific trip. It’s also a good option to pack a small detergent to do a quick kit wash in your room during the trip.

We will do that for you. We recommend to let us know in advance what days you would like to receive a massage so we can arrange it for you and make sure you will have the service at the time desired. The massage cost is not included in the price trip.

No. Your trip price includes all hotel to hotel luggage transportation.

Our Guided trip groups meet at a centrally located meeting point, details of which are provided in the individual trip itinerary. These meeting points vary from one trip to the next and are selected based on accessibility, travelers convenience and trip logistics. Initial transfers are not included and in most cases it is necessary to take a taxi from the airport / train station or from the pre-trip hotel to the meeting point. Detailed meeting instructions are provided with your final trip documents.

Our guides are constantly taking care about your comfort and safety.

  • Our guide-driven support van is with you on the way, offering water, snacks, mechanical support if needed and carrying your extra clothing. You can also jump in the van for a well deserved rest at any time.
  • Our bike guide is with you on the road, offering cycling tips and local insight.

Off the bike, our guides also take care about everything. You’ll never worry about your luggage – it’s already in your hotel when you arrive -. Your guides can book you a massage appointment, advise you on where to go shopping or eating and even give you cultural insight. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself.

You may have different pace riding or different interests when traveling with others. Our trips are made up of small groups to guarantee the quality of service and make sure everyone is happy.

In most of the Guided trips, routes also include longer and shorter ride options. If you’re an avid cyclist, our guides are happy to take you out for some extra kilometers. If you have reached your limit on a more difficult ride, you can always rely on our support van for a break.

In some trips we also offer electric assisted bikes that can provide an extra boost to your own pedal power, allowing you to ride longer distances, tackle tougher climbs, and maintain a faster pace in the company of family or friends who cycle at a different level.

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