When a trip is booked, you will immediately receive an email confirming your reservation. Once Cycling Mountains receives the full amount of the chosen trip, you will get your digital travel pack including your daily routes, gps tracks, a self-guided app with instructions on how to use it, schedules, activities and a Cycling Mountains maillot. One week prior to the trip start you will also get an email reminder containing any last minute information that you need to know.

First of all, in order to have a great experience on your trip, it is important to choose correctly according to your personal level of fitness. Check our Rider Level Section here to get an idea of which destinations will best suit you.

Information with detailed itineraries, provide a good idea of the duration and the difficulty level of each trip.

Cycling Mountains includes time both on and off the bike and we want you to be comfortable in every situation. To make sure you’ve covered all your bases, see our packing list with suggestions and recommendations here.

Our trips are totally flexible. A lot of our clients bring their own bike, allowing them to experience the trip 100% not having to adapt to another bike. We can however provide rental bikes if necessary.

When bringing your personal bike on a guided trip Cycling Mountains cannot assume responsibility for the safety or damage of this one. The responsibility of maintaining your bike and any spare parts that may be used during the trip is yours. In case of guided trips, our guides will of course be more than happy to help you if needed and give you technical support.

You are also responsible for assembling your bike upon arrival and disassembling it upon departure as well as any shipping arrangements that need to be taking care. Please read our recommendations of how to ship your bike.

On Guided Trips, we provide a flat kit, a frame pump, front and rear lights and two water bottles per bike. For the most comfortable ride, we recommend bringing your own saddle and pedals, as well as your own helmet and tools.
Before the trip starts Cycling Mountains will also provide written instructions on how to properly check your bike for safety.

If you would like to install a power meter, cadence sensor, saddle or GPS support on our rental bikes please contact us first to check availability.

If you decided to go for a rental bike, our Team will work with you to determine your bike size and fit (bike sizes, measurements and geometry vary greatly among bike brands), preparing the bike before the trip starts.

On the first day of your trip, your guides will make the final adjustments with you if necessary. If needed, small adjustments can be made throughout the week.

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