Mountain Bike Camp

5 Days

Unlock Pro MTB skills with our customized Mountain Bike Training Camp in Granada, led by ex-pro XCO Juanma Gómez del Peral

Welcome to the Costa Tropical of Granada

Embark on a game-changing MTB experience with our specialized Training Camp in the scenic landscapes of the Costa Tropical of Granada, Spain. Under the expert tutelage of ex-professional XCO mountain biker Juanma Gómez del Peral, this camp is designed for riders who are keen to elevate their skills to the next level. Isn’t just about leveling up your skills, it’s about creating mountain biking memories you’ll rave about for years!


  • Expert Coaching: Receive hands-on, personalized training from Juanma Gómez del Peral, an ex-pro with invaluable industry insights
  • Ideal Conditions: Train in Granada's diverse terrains, offering a mix of technical trails and natural beauty. Benefit from over 320 days of sunshine and perfect cycling weather
  • Tailored Experience: Our flexible program allows you to log extra kilometers if you're up for the challenge, ensuring an experience that suits your stamina and skill level
  • High-Quality Accommodation: Rest and recover in top-tier accommodations, offering all the amenities you need for an intensive training period
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond the bike, unwind with the rich Andalusian culture and cuisine, making your stay not just a training session but a comprehensive life experience

Day to day

  • Morning: Arrival and Welcome Briefing
    • Overview of the 4-day itinerary
    • Meet and greet with Juanma Gómez del Peral
    • Technical Session – Theory: MTB Basics and Safety Protocols
  • Afternoon: Practical Session
    • Ride: Local Trail
    • Activities: Basic bike handling and safety drills

Your Hotel: Hotel Helios Costa Tropical

Lunch, Dinner

  • Morning: Technical Session – Theory
    • Topic: “The Art of Climbing and Descending”
    • Video analysis and demonstrations
  • Afternoon: Practical Session
    • Ride: Designated Climbing Area
    • Activities: Climb practice, followed by controlled descents
  • Evening: Fun Social Activity
    • Tapas night and informal networking

Your Hotel: Hotel Helios Costa Tropical

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Morning: Technical Session – Theory
    • Topic: “Advanced MTB Techniques”
    • Deep dive into drops, and cornering
  • Afternoon: Practical Session
    • Ride: Advanced Skill Park
    • Activities: Practice drops, and tight corners
  • Evening: Leisure Time
    • Option to explore the local culture or simply relax

Your Hotel: Hotel Helios Costa Tropical

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Morning: Open Forum & Recap
    • Q&A session and summary of skills learned
  • Afternoon: Grand Finale Ride
    • Ride: Mixed Terrain Trail
    • Activities: Implement skills in a timed challenge
  • Evening: Farewell Dinner & Certificate Distribution
    • Celebrate the completion of the training camp and hand out certificates

Your Hotel: Hotel Helios Costa Tropical

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After these amazing days full of exciting moments, big conquests and great memories, unfortunately the last day has arrived and it is time to say see you soon!


What's Included

  • Welcome to the Training Camp and Technical Briefing by Juanma Gómez del Peral
  • Training plan to reach an optimal shape for the camp
  • Training Camp Program
  • Theoretical and practical sessions to improve your MTB skills and nutrition knowledge
  • Support by expert guides with an extensive cycling experience and local knowledge
  • Bike Rental if needed
  • GPX files for GPS device use
  • Accommodation in beachfront hotel
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transfers from/to Malaga Airport
  • Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tour cycling jersey

What's Not Included

  • Airfare and transportation to and from the start-finish locations
  • Additional hotel expenses
  • Dinners or lunches not included by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Optional activities not scheduled by Cycling Mountains Exclusive Bike Tours
  • Guides Gratuities

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